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Date 2016

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❡ The most ergonomic programming font. Designed for code, applicable for anything.

Gintronic’s gentle appearance makes it a delight to work constantly with code. Most programming fonts are exactly lacking this feature owing to their too technical style therfore really tedious to read.

Due to its cryptical, emblematical syntax, code operates very different from ordinary text. It’s usually not read top down, but rather piece by piece, back and forth. This demands for different performance abilities of a typeface.

Many monospaced fonts are fixating these constraints so much, that they end up completely mechanical. Gintronic particularly avoids this robotic presence with a smooth and open cut which helps to distinguish glyphs and let the information breathe.

The carefully crafted range of weights provides for the ideal relation of fore- and background with any possible syntax highlighting as well as the rendering medium (OS, software, screen). Besides that, the thin weights can be especially charming on retina screens and tiny sizes, while the bold ones present their character particularly in huge sizes of any kind.

With 1174 glyphs, Gintronic’s character set is extensive. Providing Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, numberless technical symbols, box-drawing-glyphs and bountiful figures, math signs and arrows. Additionally there is a stylistic set with some less odd characters if you don’t need the distinctive shapes.

All this tots up to a very engaging programming font. However, don’t hesitate to use it for really anything you like. The realm of possible applications isn’t limited by its primary intention. Clamorous display use and interesting text settings have been decision makers during the whole design process.

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