For: Bachelor Project
Date: June 2012

Coalesce lettering and chromatic type

A display typeface with a distinctive extravagance. »Pigment« is surprisingly user-friendly. Although it works with color overlaps which result in an additional value in form and color, all this happens in one single text box. The user just defines the text size and and the desired colors. Everything else is done by the font’s intelligence. Copying, pasting and aligning multiple layers is not necessary. Text edits can be seen on the fly.

For it’s intelligent behaviour, the font has more than 600 letters. Each tailored to its particular predecessor. The principle of overprinting colors renders »Pigment« not only exotic and attractive, but also makes the flowing connections possible as it wouldn’t be possible with ligatures.

Every word creates an almost logo-like word image with an individual dynamic. The font is especially suitable for escapist or cultural applications. »Pigment« likes serial design with varying color schemes while the formal structure of the type expresses the belonging to a sequence. Via its rhythm, the flow and interlocking it opens analogies to music, especially jazz.

»Pigment« was part of my bachelor thesis and arose in the degree course communications design.

✒ »Hey Mark, notify me when this font is available!«

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