Move vertical beam: [Opt+Shift] + drag mouse.

Move horizontal beam: [Opt] + drag mouse.

Show/hide vertical beam.

Attach vertical beam to italic angle.

Show/hide measurements outside of paths.

Measure with/without virtually removed overlaps.

Measure your stems while working on the outlines. Highlight matching key dimensions.

Show Stems
Show Stems
For: self
Date: 2016

A GlyphsApp plugin

This tool shows a measurement line (even in edit mode) with all distances between the outlines. If any distance matches the saved dimensions in the Palette, it will highlight in green and tell you which dimension(s) it matches.

Free Version:

  • The vertical position is attached to the Glyphsapp measurement line and can be repositioned in the same way.
  • No vertical beam.
  • No other options.

Pro Version:

How To:

  • Toggle the stems via View > Show Stems Pro
  • Or just use the shortcut [Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + S]
  • Move the horizontal beam by holding the [Opt] key and drag the mouse.
  • Move the vertical beam by holding the [Opt + Shift] keys and drag the mouse.

Options in the context menu:

  • Add a vertical beam.
  • Toggle between italic angle and perfect vertical.
  • Measure with (virtually) removed overlaps.
  • Show measurements outside of paths.
  • Supported Scripts for key measurements: Latin, Thai (Arabic, Burmese & more scripts in a free update soon).

Trouble Shooting:

Trouble 1

Due to recent changes in the API of GlyphsApp, this could be seen after first installation in your Macro Panel when the plugin is not working: If so, please run this from the Macro Panel and restart Glyphs:
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.AngledVBeam"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.ShowVerticalBeam"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.horizontalLine" ] = 100
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.measureOverlaps"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.setAngledVBeam"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.setShowVerticalBeam"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.showOffPathMeasures"] = 1
Glyphs.defaults["com.markfromberg.ShowStems.verticalLine" ] = 100

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