Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Installation Guide

This is a guide how to install plugins for GlyphsApp.



Troubleshooting Installing Problems

Troubleshooting Crashes

How to install (Option 1):

  • Just double click the .glyphsReporter after you unpacked the downloaded zip file.
  • GlyphsApp will launch and ask if you want to install.
  • Confirm and restart GlyphsApp once to be able to use it.

How to install (Option 2):

  • Another way is to copy the .glyphsReporter into GlyphsApp’s Plugins Folder.
  • You can locate it from GlyphApp by clicking the Menu > Script > Open Scripts Folder.
  • Next to that folder you’ll see the Plugins Folder where you copy plugin file to.
  • Restart GlyphsApp once to be able to use it.

Updating a Plugin:

  • The new plugins (updated or purchased after January 2020) got the update info built-in:
    • GlyphsApp > Preferences > Addons > Check For Updates
    • If it shows that there is an update available, please contact me to get it immediately.
  • For older versions:
    • I will send out a mail to every customer whenever I got an update available.
    • This contains a link to the new plugin, so keep your inbox and spam folder in sight.
  • Once you got a new plugin, follow steps 1 or 2.
  • It won’t hurt to make a backup of your previous plugin file.
  • You’ll never miss an update if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter.

Troubleshooting Installing Problems:

  • If it fails to show, please check if anything is written in the bottom part of GlyphsApp’s Macro Panel.
  • Or in the Mac OS Console App (Filter by typing the Plugin Name or "GlyphsApp" into the search).
  • If so, please copy the text and send it to me. No Screenshots please.

Troubleshooting Crashes:

If a plugin crashes it can be likely that GlyphsApp changed things in its architecture and the plugin needs to be updated to those changes. I can’t possibly track all the changes, hence I highly welcome if you send me a note. But in order to solve the problem, I need more info than just »it crashed!«.

Here’s how you can get me a crash report:

  • 1. Find the report
    • (A)System Console of your Mac OS
      • Open it by typing »console« in the Mac search.
      • In the Console app, filter the shown results by typing either »GlyphsApp« or the name of the plugin (For example »Show Stems« into the search field.
      • If you see any results, that’s what we need.
    • (B)GlyphsApp’s crash report (less important)
      • It shows after GlyphsApp crashed.
      • Reveal the report by clicking the "See Details" button.
    • (C)Macro Panel in GlyphsApp
      • Sometimes you could find an error message here.
  • 2. Send it to me
    • Copy the report as text, please.
    • Include your versions of:
      • GlyphsApp build
      • Mac OS
      • The plugin (if possible)
    • If you have screencasts or screenshots, please put them somewhere online where I can access them via a link.
      For example wetransfer.
    • Send it to:
      hello {at} markfromberg {dot} com
  • (3. Extra points)
    • If you can provide some little information of what you did before the crash, we both reach bonus level for fixing the crash.