Reacts to selected glyph and master in realtime.

Easily adjust Recycler’s size. They automatically wrap to fit into your window.

Examine anchor repositioning in all recyclers at once.

Choose to superimpose the Recyclers behind your current glyph.

Double click any Recycler to put it left of current glyph.

Show Recyclers for Hangul and Smart Components: unreleased font by Minjoo Ham.

Show Recyclers
Show Recyclers
Show Recyclers

A plugin for GlyphsApp

All my plugins: GitHub

This tool displays all glyphs of your font that use your currently selected one as a component. It’s a visual realtime feedback of inestimable value in a daily workflow. Especially for Hangul (Korean) type designers “Show Recyclers” already proved incredible beneficing. But even in Latin or related projects you’ll never want to work without anymore.

Glyphs 3:

There is a version for Glyphs 3 now, you can get that one directly in the plugin manager of Glyphs 3. Download a fully functional, time limited tiral version and if you like it, purchase directly from there.

How To:

  • Toggle the stems via View > Show Recyclers
  • Double click on any of the minituare Recyclers to add it to the left of your current glyph.

Options in the context menu:

  • Change the size with a slider, the displayed glyphs will wrap to rows in order to fit into your window width.
  • Toggle superimposition of all recyclers behind your current glyph.

NOTE: Sometimes there’s a little display glitch for a sec. I’m trying to remove that soon. Also it can happen, that the double click activates another glyph in the Edit Tab instead of the recycler. Fixes will come soon in a free update.


Find the installation and troubleshoot guide here.

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