Show Siblings Free: Fixed sibling positions.

Show Siblings Pro: Highlight matching nodes, move siblings around, show sibling’s nodes, …

Show Siblings
Show Siblings
Show Siblings

A plugin for GlyphsApp

It superimposes a group of predefined glyphs in the background of your letters. This can be both pretty helpful in the beginning of a design as well as at intermediate progress where quick proof overview is needed.

There will be a pro version availabe right here in a couple of days. Check back for a detailed list of all the new features.

All my plugins: GitHub

Free Version:

  • Fixed position of siblings.
  • Supported Scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek.

Pro Version:

The Pro Version is tightly packed with tons of valuable features and doesn’t clutter your interface at all. It is a quiet helper always at your hand when you need it.

How To:

  • Toggle the siblings via View > Show Siblings Pro
  • Or just use the shortcut [Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + G] (like [G]roups)

Options in the menu:

  • Movable siblings: select a sibling in the menu and drag it with the mouse.
  • Add *any* temporary sibling by glyph name.
  • Highlight matching point positions of current glyph and sibling (perfect for exact tracing).
  • Choose from various rendering modes: Filled Flat, Filled With Outlines, Outlines Only, Outlines With Removed Overlap.
  • Show nodes of selected sibling.
  • Open siblings in a new Edit Tab.
  • Choose which siblings to show.
  • Display Twins (glyphs in your font with a suffix like ".ss01".
  • Show all siblings as a miniature over the current glyph.
  • Reset siblings to default.
  • Auto detection of supported scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, Hangul, Arabic, Burmese, Khmer (& more scripts in a free update soon).

Get your preferred version here:

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