A GlyphsApp plugin

Do you know this: Have you ever wanted to make a reporter plugin for Glyphs, but the developer kit and the plugin file structure looks too intimidating to you?

Maybe you’re never willing to get your head around it and skip developing even though you have great ideas you’d love to just sketch out.

Or do you create plugins from time to time, but you’re annoyed that you have to restart Glyphs for every change? This can take a loooot of time, especially when the plugin is packed with formulas and algorithms that you need to get straight. I suck at math, hence my approach ist often the trial-and-error.

You want to see immediately which numbers and operators have which effect. You want to properly position your to be displayed components, perhaps style them to provide an optimal user experience. Or choose the best colors for your graphics to be visible and yet not too intriguing.

Wait no longer!

Aha! Why not, Mark?

Skedge is here!

“Skedge” lets you focus on the essence of code you need in order to get your idea to the canvas. No file and folder overload. No extra code that you don’t understand the use for. No Glyphs restart for every change you make.

“Skedge” is your playground, your tool to explore how to use python to build incredible anylitic tools for your workflow. Visual feedback in realtime is something that we designers always strive for.

“Skedge” will tear down the inhibition level for beginners and be a companion on the way to learn coding. The sense of achievement will make you happy. But this tool will help you anytime, no matter if you just started with python or if you’re an experienced developer already.

All my plugins: GitHub

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