Presenter Pro

This is the next must-have toy in your toy/tool box. Never before was it that easy to let your glyphs shine in the prettiest colors and save them as PNG and PDF.

Let your fonts shine in all glory to present them and save as image in seconds – right inside of GlyphsApp


Font Spy

Look at other fonts while working on yours. Let’s be honest: no designer does her/his job without peeking sideways to what other great designers do. And that’s okay. You inspire yourself, you learn.

And it can deal with variable fonts!


Variable Font Preview

Juggle with crazy, unprecedented master setups and keep all possible outcomes with variable axes in sight with this plug-in. Immediately preview what your variable font will look like with any axis settings, see the live result while drawing, spot interpolation issues. It works with ordinary Multiple Master fonts just as well. No font export needed.


Show Recyclers

Displays all glyphs of your font that use your currently selected one as a component. It’s a visual realtime feedback of inestimable value in a daily workflow, and yours for less than 40 Euros. No matter which writing system, you will never want to work without anymore.


Show Stems Pro

Shows a measurement line with all distances between the outlines. It will indicate if it matches a stem in the Dimensions palette. First, test the free version from Window > Plugin Manager, and after purchasing the pro version enjoy additional features such as vertical beams, an italic angle toggle, measures ignoring overlaps, etc.