I am Mark Frömberg (also known as Mark2Mark), a typeface designer and tool developer based in the vibrant city of Berlin. With my passion for fonts and innovative programming, I have had the pleasure of creating some stunning typefaces for big players like Google, IBM and HERE.

My love for typography and type design led me to pursue a master's degree in TypeMedia at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, Netherlands. Prior to that, I studied Communications Design at the University of Applied Sciences (Berlin 2012), with a special focus on type and illustration.

Minjoo Ham and I are the co-founders of Hypertype, and we are committed to our mission of elevating the art of design through a fusion of creativity, innovation, and functionality.


Open Source

IBM Plex Thai (Loopless & Looped) · Google Noto Lao Looped · Hahmlet · Fira GO (Thai)

Retail & Custom

Neutronic · Gintronic · Nunki · Sanomat Khmer & Myanmar/Burmese · Shequalin · Canary · Calcine · Romijn 6 · Pigment · Technical Support for DG Meta Science, Autodesk Artifakt and many more

GlyphsApp Plugins

Reporter Plugins

Variable Font Preview · Show Stems (Free & Pro) · Show Recyclers · Presenter · Mark Zones · Show Rotated · Stem Rhythm · Blindfold · Show Siblings · Smart Plumblines · Distance & Angle

Other Plugins

Reporter Toggler · Script Deck · Font Spy · Skedge · Kernkraft & Kernschmelze · Synced Tabs · Arrange Windows

Type Design Services

  • Designing typefaces from scratch or as revials
  • Design of many scripts like:
    Latin (Extended) · Greek · Cyrillic · Vietnamese · Thai · Lao · Khmer · Burmese
  • Extending to Latin for fonts that don’t have a Latin yet (e.g. Hangeul)
  • Expanding font families with styles & weights
  • Developing (Python, Objective-C & JS) tools for
    prototyping & proofing · improving workflows · receiving live data feedback · customized tools tailored to specific needs and objectives
  • Spacing & kerning
  • Design consultation
  • Expanding character sets for broader language support, symbols, icons, etc.
  • OpenType-Feature programming & testing
  • Giving programming workshops and lectures
  • Lettering & logo design


2021 Co-founded Hypertype together with Minjoo Ham.
2020 Designing »Noto Looped Lao« together with Ben Mitchell (FontPad).
2020 Ongoing collaborations in several multi-language font projects, including Latin-Hangeul, Lao, Thai. Also developing new GlyphsApp plugins.
10·2019 Type design workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Together with Ben Mitchell and Glyphs.
10·2018 Type design workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Together with Ben Mitchell and Natalie Rauch.
10·2018 Speaking at BITS conference in Hua Hin, Thailand.
10·2018 South East Asian scripts design workshop in Hua Hin, Thailand. Together with Ben Mitchell, Natalie Rauch and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer.
03·2018 Interview about tool development and programming in type design, with Type Thursday NYC published at Medium.
03·2018 Presenting my way of problem solving at the »Robothon« conference in Den Haag, Netherlands. Title of the presentation: »Speed up«.
2014—now Freelancing mainly in type design and app development; collaborating with design studios like bBox and The Fontpad.
2013—2014 Master of Arts in TypeMedia, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) Den Haag, Netherlands.
2012 Bachelor of Arts (Graduation with Distinction) Communications Design, University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
2010—2011 Tutor for screenprinting, University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
2008—2012 Studies Communications Design, University of Applied Sciences Berlin; Freelancing as designer since 2009.
1984 Born in Berlin.

Press & Publications

Mono Is The New Black: Gintronic feature (niggli)

IdN v26n3: Typeface Design Issue Interview (Systems Design Ltd)

PAGE 03-2020 Gintronic feature (Ebner Verlag)

디자인 Design Neutronic feature (designhouse)

Neue Schriften. New Typefaces. (niggli)

Type Navigator (gestalten)

Typojournal 4 (Ralf Hermann)

Typoversity 1 & Typoversity 2 (nvbd)

PAGE 01-2012, 03-2017 (Ebner Verlag)

Typodarium 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 (Hermann Schmidt)

CAPITAL: Berliner Buchstaben (Mota Italic)