IBM Plex Thai Loopless
IBM Plex Thai Loopless

About IBM Plex

»Meet IBM Plex, our new corporate typeface. It’s global, it’s versatile and it’s distinctly IBM.

We designed Plex carefully to both meet our needs as a global tech company and express who we are as people. It took two years and a lot of work to get here, but today we have a signature typeface we’re proud and excited to share with the world. Plex is an open-source project (OFL) and free to download and use. The Plex family comes in a Sans, Serif, Mono and Sans Condensed, all with roman and true italics. The fonts have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments as well as other mediums. This project provides all source files and file formats to support most typographical situations.

Thanks for trying Plex! We hope you like it.« ··· IBM

IBM Plex Thai

This Thai extension for IBM Plex, which I designed together with Ben Mitchell in 2018. I was and still am sublimely exited and honoured to have been part of this epic, beautiful, challenging and educational project with so many talented designers from all over the globe.

You see the Loopless style here, which is mainly designed to be used in larger sizes and goes greatly along the Latin IBM Plex Sans.

One challenge during the design process was to mirror the Plex texture in the Thai. I might say we succeeded. The outcome is a very original Thai typeface that matches perfectly with any of the other scripts which IBM Plex supports and will support.

Read more about the typeface IBM Plex at Typographica or find out more about the project’s background.

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