Noto Lao Looped
Noto Lao Looped

Noto Looped Lao is the Lao companion for Google’s languages-of-the-world-project Noto. It is designed to fit well with Noto Sans and consists of 4 widths and 9 weights each. All the styles come in a normal and a UI version, which is vertically more compact and was a great design challenge, because the Lao script utilizes a lot of marks above and below the main line of text. In heavy weights, they need to be squashed quite a bit, but also designed to still be legible.

The result is a stunning type family considered by Lao readers as one of the best Lao fonts out there. With a total of 72 styles it is an incredible value that everyone can use freely.

Design: Mark Frömberg, Ben Mitchell

Consultation: Sengkeo Vangxiengvue

License: Open source under the SIL Open Font License (OFL)

via The Fontpad for Google.

The design of Noto Looped Lao was done simultaneously with Noto Looped Thai, which has been designed by Sasikarn Vongin & Ben Mitchell and has the same range of styles.

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