A Quirky But Friendly Text Typeface

Nunki is not only the second-brightest star in the constellation of Sagittarius, it is also the now brightest (and blackest) star in your serif typeface hemisphere.

It shines with its charming appeal and contrasting sparkle, prepared to bring that crispy freshness you sought for your novelty designs. This is created by combining unusual ball placements with sharply chiseled terminals and heavy stroke modulations.

To catch attention Nunki features some surprising quirks and uncommon letter structures. Keeping the flowing texture even and blend those seamlessly in was a big challenge in the design process. But it resulted in this pleasingly unique typeface for any application from posters to books, from web publications to packaging.

Version 0.1 debuts with the black weight which is especially suitable to create stellar eye catchers and warmly nimble-footed headlines.

  • Nunki Black’s nonchalant recklessness glows over all the other weights too, which will rain from the sky in future updates.
  • While the lighter weights handle elaborate text settings, Nunki’s jocular atmosphere stays present in any size and transport a sunny tone. And they love to be paired with illustrations.

Get your plasma wobbled and reach for this pretty shooting star before the updates will create a black hole in your walltet.

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