Show Stems

Measure while editing

Version 1.0.2

The measurements will be present at any time when you edit your curves, or even adjust the outlines with transformation tools like the RMX Scaler.

Move the beams

Version 1.0.2

Move vertical beam:
opt+shift+drag mouse

Move horizontal beam:
opt+drag mouse

Italic Angle

Version 1.0.2

Choose to display the vertical beam, and if you show it, choose if it shall reflect your font’s italic angle.

Off-path and overlap

Version 1.0.2

It’s useful to toggle between measuring the outline as it is and its state as if the overlaps would be removed. The latter happens virtually, without destroying your real outlines.

Almost Matching

Version 1.0.2

Red highlight if your measurement is almost but not exactly matching your font’s dimensions.


Version 1.0.2


Works with Thai as well as for Latin. Other scripts are in development and also can only be supported, when GlyphsApp supports the particular writing system with a dimensions panel. Candidates in the making: Arabic, Hebrew, Khmer, Burmese, Cyrillic, Greek, …


Version 1.0.2

Off path badges are now gray (or any customisable color) and more out of your way. (Font shown here: Letter /reul from »Dunkelsans« by Minjoo Ham.)

Show Stems
Show Stems

GlyphsApp plugin

Note: There is a version for Glyphs 3. You can find it in the Plugin Manager of Glyphs.
This page is outdated and here for archival reasons and the Show Stems 3 page is coming soon.

This tool shows a measurement line (even in edit mode) with all distances between the outlines. If any distance matches the saved dimensions in the Palette, it will highlight in green and tell you which dimension(s) it matches.

Free Version:

  • The vertical position is attached to the Glyphsapp measurement line and can be repositioned in the same way.
  • No vertical beam.
  • No other options.

Pro Version:

New features in version 1.0.2:

  • Besides highlighting in green if your stem matches one of your font’s dimensions, it now warns you if your stem is off by this particular dimension for just a bit: The closer you are, the louder the badge shouts at you »Hey, look at me! I think I am not in place!« – And it tells you how much it is off. Super useful!
  • The measurement badges that are not on a shape went to the background. They are grey now and more silent, so you can easily see what you’re looking for. Super useful especially with glyphs that have lots of stems.
  • Each badge tells you now which direction it is measuring. ↕︎/↔︎ ¡Olé!
  • Moving the beam caused the badges to follow in a weirdly snappy manner. That’s passé as of today.
  • Bugfix to work with the newest GlyphsApp versions.
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