Presenter 3

Make up your fonts with a click

Let your fonts shine in all glory to present them and save as image in seconds.
Activate Presenter and immediately get a colorful view right inside of GlyphsApp:

  • The frame shows you the exported portion.
  • With this you can easily lay out what you want to show.
  • Trivia: The colored appearance works live, so you could even make videos of adjusting glyphs in presenter mode.

Save as image (and vector graphic)

One click to save the framed content as an image to the Desktop:

  • Save as PNG and PDF with vectors.
  • PNG comes out as 1080×1080 px, ideal for Instagram.
  • No messing around with the screenshot tool from Mac OS. No juggling to find the right pixel size and aspect ratio.


Adjust the colors in seconds:

  • Fill Color
  • Background Color
  • Outline Color and toggle to draw outlines or not
  • If the Outline Colour is (same or) darker than the Fill Color, handles get a halo, for better visibility.

Nodes (size and shape)

Those take usually tons of time and work to create with layout and vector apps. Here they come built-in, just a slider push away:

  • Adjust the size of the nodes.
  • Choose the shape of the nodes from currently 6 presets.
  • One of them shows no nodes, so you can play with having an outline only.
  • Since version 1.1 there’s a new additional shape: round filled.


Because it can just look so much cooler:

  • Adjust size of shadow. 0 size = no shadow.
  • For that decent retro look: Rasterize your shadow!

Overlaps (or not)

Sometimes you want to show the original construction, at other times show focus on the final shape:

  • Toggle between the 2 options.
  • Note: With removed ovelaps active, GlyphsApp can become a little slower with doing this live on many glyphs. The plugin is not meant to be active all the time, so it shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

Square or Portrait

Now you can choose to export in square or portrait mode

  • Toggle between the 2 options.
  • 1080 × 1080 = Intsagram default.
  • 1080 × 1920 = Intsagram stories.

Because the plugin needs to use the actual pixels for the rendering, if your monitor resolution is too low to fit 1920 pixel, the portrait mode will not work.

White on Black

A very popular rendering is white on black. Now you can easily achieve that without any extra effort.

  • When your background is black, the shadow will be white, no matter if it’s solid or rasterized.
  • You’ll still be able to see the screenshot frame now.

Use it for process recordigs

Like Alex Slobzheninov did here and here.

One last quick demo

Just to show it in action right inside of GlyphsApp

Presenter 3
Presenter 3

Note: this site will be updated soon, showing all the new and existing features. Stay tuned.

Presenter is a game-changing plugin that allows you to effortlessly get presentable images of your amazing font’s glyphs within GlyphsApp, saving you valuable time and effort with just a few clicks. With Presenter, there's no need for tedious exporting and launching of external applications like Indesign or Illustrator. You can easily adjust colors and nodes in just two simple steps, taking no more than 30 seconds.

Before Presenter, creating the perfect images for your social media platforms was a time-consuming and cumbersome process. You had to go through at least eight steps, including exporting your font, launching external applications, creating a new document, setting up the format, typing your glyphs, changing the color, drawing shapes for all nodes and handles, and finally exporting the image with the desired settings. This process took a minimum of five minutes.

But with Presenter, all of these steps are streamlined into two simple processes, saving you time and energy. You can adjust colors and nodes with ease, then export your image in seconds.

With Presenter, you can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time without worrying about the hassle of image creation. Try Presenter today and experience the convenience and efficiency of this groundbreaking plugin for yourself!

Often Asked

  1. Either click the Install button above, and then:
    1. Allow the browser to open Glyphs.
    2. Accept the install dialoge in the app
    3. Relaunch Glyphs
  2. Or do it manually:
    1. Open Glyphs
    2. Open the Plugin Manager by selecting Window → Plugin Manager.
    3. Search for “Presenter 3”
    4. Click Install next to the Presenter 3 plugin preview.
    5. Relaunch Glyphs
      It is now available as a Reporter.

You can always contact me via my contact form below. Another way is to open an issue on GitHub.

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