Presenter for GlyphsApp features:

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Make up your fonts with a click

Version 1.0



Let your fonts shine in all glory to present them and save as image in seconds. Activate Presenter and immediately get a colorful view right inside of GlyphsApp:

  • The frame shows you the exported portion.
  • With this you can easily lay out what you want to show.
  • Trivia: The colored appearance works live, so you could even make videos of adjusting glyphs in presenter mode.
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Save as image (and vector graphic)

Version 1.0

One click to save the framed content as an image to the Desktop:

  • Pro:Save as PNG and PDF with vectors.
  • Free:PNG only (with watermark*).
  • PNG comes out as 1080×1080 px, ideal for Instagram.
  • No messing around with the screenshot tool from Mac OS. No juggling to find the right pixel size and aspect ratio.
  • *) Note: If you don’t fancy the watermark, get the Pro version, or retouch it, or keep messing with the screenshot tool. Up to you 💁‍♂️
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Version 1.0

Adjust the colors in seconds:

  • Pro:Fill Color.
  • Pro:Background Color.
  • Pro:Outline Color and toggle to draw outlines or not.
  • Free:Fill Color automatically adjusts as the complementary color of the Background Color.
  • If the Outline Colour is (same or) darker than the Fill Color, handles get a halo, for better visibility.
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Nodes (size and shape)

Version 1.0


Those take usually tons of time and work to create with layout and vector apps. Here they come built-in, just a slider push away:

  • Adjust the size of the nodes.
  • Choose the shape of the nodes from currently 6 presets.
  • One of them shows no nodes, so you can play with having an outline only.
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Version 1.0

Because it can just look so much cooler:

  • Pro:Adjust size of shadow. 0 size = no shadow.
  • Pro:For that decent retro look: Rasterize your shadow!
  • Free:Toggle to show shadow or not.
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Overlaps (or not)

Version 1.0


Sometimes you want to show the original construction, at other times show focus on the final shape:

  • Toggle between the 2 options.
  • Note: With removed ovelaps active, GlyphsApp can become a little slower with doing this live on many glyphs. The plugin is not meant to be active all the time, so it shouldn’t be a problem anyway.
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One last quick demo

Version 1.0



Just to show it in action right inside of GlyphsApp


You can finally colorize your awesome glyphs in seconds anytime without ever leaving GlyphsApp. It has been a lot of steps until you could finally upload nice pictures of them to Instagram & co.

Before Presenter

At least those 8 steps and 5 minutes:
Export your font
Launch Indesign or Illustrator
Create new document
Set up format
Type your glyph(s)
Change color
Draw shapes for all the nodes and handles
Export the image with the desired settings

With Presenter

2 steps and 30 seconds:
Adjust colors and nodes

Done! Now just upload to the web or social media. Enjoy the free time you earned!


Mac OS 10.14 Catalina: could work (not tested) but needs you to change some OS settings.
Mac OS 10.13: will work.
Mac OS 10.12: not tested yet, could work though. Let me know if you need a version for this!
Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan): not tested.
Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite): not tested.


Find the installation and troubleshoot guide here.

How To Use:

  • Toggle via View > Show Presenter
  • Or just use the shortcut ctrl+opt+shift+P

Get it here:



  • New release.

These will be solved in future updates:

  • For optimal results, the shown frame should always be fully visible when you click on "Grab Screenshot".
  • Sometimes the GlyphsApp own nodes might disappear. In that case just hit cmd+shift+N (Or View > SHow Nodes) to activate their display again.
  • Certain color setups look more crips than others on Instagram. But that’s their fault.
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